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Your Mouth is For Eating, Speaking and.…Smiling!

Take a moment and think about how important your teeth are! Being able to chew your food, speak your mind and most importantly, smiling. Here are some really big smiles from our office manager Alison and our dentist, Dr. Michelle Whalen from the Seabreeze office. I guess they are just happy it’s Friday!

The dentists at Seabreeze Dental is a practice that can help people of all ages cope with just about anything from regular cleanings, fillings and coping with things like loose or missing teeth, a tooth with cavities, or misaligned teeth. The goal is to provide care with consideration as well as expertise; whether the problem is functional or cosmetic we have the skills to address the issue.

Speaking of spreading the smiles, the Seabreeze office is very active in the community and are willing to help in any way possible. They are always looking for ways to spread smiles.

Here is what our patient Mario reported, “Was really happy with Seabreeze Dental!! The staff was great. Very pleased with the work I had done and will continue going to them for my future dental needs. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately.” State-of the-art technology, used with care by highly trained dentists and hygienists is the most effective way to treat dental issues. Our patient Dr. Pat agrees, “Sue is the best dental assistant ever…if you ever wondered if the staff makes a difference the answer is YES!

If your current concerns are cosmetic, you should know that Seabreeze Dental can provide Whitening, Alignment, as well as Dental Implants, along with the more traditional Crowns, Bridges and Dentures.

So Speak up and give us a call.

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