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At Hull Family Dental we’re focused on providing good results for our patients. Since our company motto is “The world looks better behind a great smile!” we understand that you may want to go beyond general dentistry and align your teeth or brighten your smile. In addition to dental services such as routine cleanings, checkup x-rays and fillings, we also have cosmetic crowns, bridges and we offer Invisalign® – which is a clear braces to straighten teeth. We also offer Whitening options.

We’re focused on getting you the dental results you need, in a careful and skillful way. Our patient Jeff reports “Dr. White is the best dentist I have ever seen. (I’m 50) She makes it so comfortable to go to the dentist, so gentle and absolutely painless.” Like Jeff, Ray gives us 5 stars of approval and says this ” Incredible. 3 old filings replaced with no pain or discomfort. I didn’t even feel the Novocain needles. Doctor White and Karen were great!”. Jay put his 5 star review this way “always a great experience (yes, a dentist office). the service is excellent and the people are extraordinary.

The way we live today, typically means eating more sugar than people did a hundred years ago, and that means we need to brush and floss our teeth much more often, two minutes a day, twice a day, to prevent cavities from forming.

Hull Family Dental is here to make your dental care easy, friendly, and effective.

Bring your smile to us for dental care that will make you happy.

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