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Truth is in the flossing….

This pandemic has brought not only very trying times for everyone, but drastic changes in how we keep our patients and staff healthy and safe. Now that we are getting back to some sense of normal, going to the dentist for preventative care is one of them.

Please know that we need to follow the safety guidelines set forth by the ADA and the CDC, and ask that the following be adhered to so that we can protect you, our patients, and our staff.

All paperwork, must be completed and emailed back to the office prior to your appointment; this includes:

  • COVID-19 questionnaire, must be emailed prior to your appointment.
  • Every person entering the office is expected to wear a face covering and will be asked to sanitize their hands immediately upon entry.
  • Upon arrival at our office, call us before entering the office to let us know you have arrived; we will call or text you once the office ready for you to enter.
  • We ask that patients enter the office unaccompanied, if possible; for those patients who need a guardian to accompany them, it is limited to a single-family member.
  • We ask that you please take your temperature the morning of your appointment, we will confirm no fever with a contactless thermometer upon arrival.

And Now for the fun stuff, like songs to sing while you are brushing your teeth and flossing. Your morning routine can either set you up for success, or for a less than perfect day. Now we all know that brushing our teeth for two minutes a day in the morning and at night is essential to our oral health, but how can we do it in a more fun way?

Here are a list of our favorite brushing songs to brush our teeth to, that are not only two minutes long, but help us start our day with a little fun as well:

  1. “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” – The Beatles
  2. “Hit The Road Jack” – Ray Charles
  3. “Happy Together” – The Turtles
  4. “Heartbreak Hotel” – Elvis Presley
  5. “Respect” – Aretha Franklin
  6. “All Shook Up” – Elvis Presley
  7. “You Got a Friend In Me” – Randy Newman
  8. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” – Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke

Looking for more fun brushing or flossing songs? Give Alpha Dental Center a call today at (855) 50-ALPHA!

Break the Soda Habit!

At Hull Family Dental we’re focused on providing good results for our patients. Since our company motto is “The world looks better behind a great smile!” we understand that you may want to go beyond general dentistry and align your teeth or brighten your smile. In addition to dental services such as routine cleanings, checkup x-rays and fillings, we also have cosmetic crowns, bridges and we offer Invisalign® – which is a clear braces to straighten teeth. We also offer Whitening options.

We’re focused on getting you the dental results you need, in a careful and skillful way. Our patient Jeff reports “Dr. White is the best dentist I have ever seen. (I’m 50) She makes it so comfortable to go to the dentist, so gentle and absolutely painless.” Like Jeff, Ray gives us 5 stars of approval and says this ” Incredible. 3 old filings replaced with no pain or discomfort. I didn’t even feel the Novocain needles. Doctor White and Karen were great!”. Jay put his 5 star review this way “always a great experience (yes, a dentist office). the service is excellent and the people are extraordinary.

The way we live today, typically means eating more sugar than people did a hundred years ago, and that means we need to brush and floss our teeth much more often, two minutes a day, twice a day, to prevent cavities from forming.

Hull Family Dental is here to make your dental care easy, friendly, and effective.

Bring your smile to us for dental care that will make you happy.

Be nice to your dentist. He has fillings too!

The little town of Mansfield would not be the same without the Mansfield Family Dental Center, an Alpha Dental affiliate office. Smiles are just brighter around this little town, and it is all because of the treatment they received from our office. We are pleased to welcome patients of all ages for the treatment they need. From routine cleanings, checkup x-rays – which are essential for good health as well as maintaining that nice smile. We also provide fillings, implants, Invisalign® and many other cosmetic dental procedures. Basically, we are here to help keep your smile looking great!

Dental care in the 21st century is not scary whatsoever. Did you know that blacksmiths used to be asked to pull painful teeth in the 1890’s.

Good dental care starts with brushing your teeth for two minutes, twice a day and flossing regularly. These are habits children can learn at a young age and save themselves from problems years later.

Mansfield Family Dental, we have the friendliest staff and are happy to treat people of all ages.

Our highly trained dental staff is trained in the latest, state-of -the-art equipment to give our patients the best treatment possible. We want you to be happy. Lesley gave us 5 stars and explained it this way. “I broke a tooth in an area of my mouth that I recently had a lot of work done. I called on my way home from work and was able to be seen immediately. The repair was done on the spot and there was no charge!

Our company motto is “The world looks better behind a great smile!” If you are interested in getting your teeth straightened to improve your smile, we can provide that help with no metal braces with the Invisalign® system. We also offer other cosmetic services such as implants and Whitening.

We accept a variety of dental insurances, so when you call for an appointment, check to see that we accept your plan. To serve our clients well, we have convenient office hours, including Saturday mornings.

Great Teeth are Always in Style!

Keeping your teeth healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. Riverside Family Dental is here to provide caring expertise in maintaining healthy teeth while also taking care of those teeth that may need a little help. From routine procedures like cleanings, fillings and checkup x-rays, we also provide cosmetic dentistry such as Whitening, Invisalign® and implants. Riverside Family Dental has two of the area’s best dentists in all of East Providence, and the hygiene team is second to none.

Karen gives us 5 stars in her review: “As always the staff at Riverside Family Dental are knowledgeable professional, and very personable. Dr Trivedi is great! it’s obvious that she is focused on what she is doing and concerned that her patients are not in any discomfort.

Another 5 star review comes from “bam” “Sheila is an awesome hygenist. Also, Dr. Trivedi did a wonderful job on my crowns.”

Our motto is “The world looks better behind a great smile!” and we bring that idea to our treatment of each person we see. Daniel gives us 5 stars, “Dr. Shakarchi has this amazing way of making a painful experience almost pain free. Never gone to a dentist where I didn’t at some point in time have some pain. He and his staff do an amazing job of putting a smile on my face after I leave as well as during the time that he’s taking care of me! I recommend him taking care of me as well as my entire family and hopefully yours!

Our dentists are well trained and highly experienced to provide the best service possible. We pride ourselves on having the best dentists in East Providence.

Dentistry has come a long way since the 18th century. In addition to providing repairs such as fillings and cleanings, today we can now implant individual artificial teeth, straighten teeth with systems such as Invisalign®, and Whitening options if you so desire.

We welcome patients of all ages… and take a variety of insurances. We strive to make our patients comfortable both in the waiting area and in the dental chair – so set up your appointment today and make sure to make appointments for the entire family!

What do you call a bear with no teeth? A Gummy Bear.

That is why a smile is an international greeting, so everyone wants to have a beautiful, white one! Since a nice smile starts with healthy teeth, it’s smart to come to Alpha Dental Fall River, which is known for its great dentists and friendly staff. Stanislava rated us 5 stars, saying “Trying to find a Good Dentist who Really Care and Listen?? I would Highly Recommended Alpha Dentist it would be a 2Nd time that I visit with doctor Dr. Omar Al-Kazaz who ,,saved my tooth” and PERFECTLY match color of my chipped tooth Visit Alpha Dentist was My Best Decision !!!

At Alpha Dental, we see patients of all ages. In addition to the routine procedures like cleanings, fillings we aso offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments like bridges, crowns, implants when necessary. We provide caring treatment from the simplest cleaning and check-up x-rays to fillings and the occasional broken tooth.

We know we provide excellent service, but it’s good to hear our patients tell us why they come to us. Here is What Ms. B said, while giving us five stars, “I chose them because of the reviews, my boyfriend goes there and it was close to my home….. I was so nervous and so scared. I told the dentist my story too….. The experience went so well I got choked up. I almost cried. I could feel the tears coming on. To go so long with such a fear and so many bad memories then to have a comforting caring experience it was a life changer…….. Then today I went in and got a cleaning done by Jenna Carneiro. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a cleaning!!!…. After my cleaning I looked at my teeth and was like amazed! I felt like I had brand new teeth! My teeth looked 15 yrs younger and i felt so much more pretty. It was a great experience. I suggest people who fear the dentist come to Alpha dental. It seems like they’re trained for people like us! ? So far I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Thank you so much Alpha dental and sorry for writing so much! ?

In addition to providing excellent traditional dental care, we also offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry in the Fall River area. We are in the process of re-building a state-of-the-art dental facility and we are open during construction.

The World Looks Better, Behind A Great Smile!

If you’re in North Dartmouth, in the vicinity of 145 Faunce Corner Road, you may notice a lot of people smiling. That would be because they’re coming from the office of Alpha Dental, where patients are cared for kindly, and healthy teeth are treasured. They truly are the best dentists in all of Dartmouth.

We teach the importance of brushing and flossing your teeth and that daily maintenance is necessary for good oral health and to maintain a great smile!

Our dentists not only provide state of the art care for traditional dental problems, like filling cavities, providing caps, and bridges for missing teeth, we also offer teeth whitening. Ask us about brightening your smile with our in-house Whitening process. If you want to straighten your smile, consider Invisalign® along with a lot of cosmetic options like implants or even dentures.

Sandra says “Absolutely LOVE my hygienist, Amanda! Thank you for yet another great experience. Love this office. Staff is always extremely helpful and friendly. The office is always clean and inviting. Anyone that has put off going to the dentist in the past should definitely give Alpha Dental Center a try.

We’re known to have the best dentists in the area. Tanya knows we are careful to do a good job for our patients. “Wow! What a great team! Every time I come here I feel like family! I have been coming here to Alpha Dental in Dartmouth for over 10 years! Dr Salem has been my dentist the entire time and I wouldn’t have it any other way! He is kind , patient, explains things very thoroughly and will always give you his honest opinion/suggestion. You can tell he really cares about his patients. I actually like the entire team.. .. I have never left unhappy (minus the occasional tooth ache lol) I used to dread going to the dentist 100% of the time until I changed… and now I only dread it 23%! I mean … it is still the dentist! Ha ha! ? Great team! Great dentist! I would refer him all day long! I even had my mother change dentist to come to him!

At Alpha Dental Center in North Dartmouth, we treat patients of all ages. Come on in and see why our motto is “The world looks better behind a great smile!”

Just Say “Cheese”!

We know that part of good health is healthy teeth. Helping our patients learn how to care for their teeth, and working to solve oral problems when they occur is our goal at Alpha Dental of Fall River.

A smile is a greeting and the best photos are those where people are smiling. (The photographer says “Say Cheese” so you will have an open, friendly smile.) Bring your friendly personality to work and social situations where people are trying to accomplish something together and smile!

The dentists and hygiene team appreciate nothing more than a great smile, and we offer a variety of services you may want to look into to improve yours. We offer the routine cleaning, fillings, x-rays along with Whitening options, Realignment of teeth, and Cosmetic Dentistry services. Even the cat knows it is important to brush the dog’s teeth!

What do our patients think? This comment is from Stanislava, “Trying to find a Good Dentist who Really Care and Listen?? I would Highly Recommend Alpha Dentist”. Ms. B put her experience this way, “After my cleaning I looked at my teeth and was like amazed! I felt like I had brand new teeth! My teeth looked 15 years younger and I felt so much more pretty. It was a great experience. I suggest people who fear the dentist come to Alpha dental.” Jacqueline reported “Great staff and service, highly recommended!”.

Reviews like these make us smile – we are all happy to come to work! We try hard to provide excellent service with a caring touch and it is wonderful that our patients notice.

After all, our motto: “The world looks better behind a great smile!

Your Mouth is For Eating, Speaking and.…Smiling!

Take a moment and think about how important your teeth are! Being able to chew your food, speak your mind and most importantly, smiling. Here are some really big smiles from our office manager Alison and our dentist, Dr. Michelle Whalen from the Seabreeze office. I guess they are just happy it’s Friday!

The dentists at Seabreeze Dental is a practice that can help people of all ages cope with just about anything from regular cleanings, fillings and coping with things like loose or missing teeth, a tooth with cavities, or misaligned teeth. The goal is to provide care with consideration as well as expertise; whether the problem is functional or cosmetic we have the skills to address the issue.

Speaking of spreading the smiles, the Seabreeze office is very active in the community and are willing to help in any way possible. They are always looking for ways to spread smiles.

Here is what our patient Mario reported, “Was really happy with Seabreeze Dental!! The staff was great. Very pleased with the work I had done and will continue going to them for my future dental needs. Very friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately.” State-of the-art technology, used with care by highly trained dentists and hygienists is the most effective way to treat dental issues. Our patient Dr. Pat agrees, “Sue is the best dental assistant ever…if you ever wondered if the staff makes a difference the answer is YES!

If your current concerns are cosmetic, you should know that Seabreeze Dental can provide Whitening, Alignment, as well as Dental Implants, along with the more traditional Crowns, Bridges and Dentures.

So Speak up and give us a call.

Open and Say Ahh!

Then say Ahhhh with a smile.

Weymouth Family Dental Care provides essential dental care for such things as cavities or a loose tooth…and does the treatment with care for each individual person. Everyone is focused on providing service to the patient with attention to that person’s comfort and health.

Meet our founder, Dr. Munal Salem who calls Weymouth Family Dental Care one of his four ‘home’ locations; you might also see him in our Franklin, Fall River and North Dartmouth offices. Dr. Salem believes in keeping up with dental education; he has completed more than one-thousand hours of continuing education with a focus on sedation methods, implant dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

As our patient Nancy reports, “Excellent Customer service by front desk, dental assistant and dentist. Very organized processes. No pushing out of unneeded dental products. Would highly recommend this dental office to anyone! – 5 stars.” Brittany put it this way, “Very thorough new patient exam and gentle cleaning. Walked me through each thing she was performing and gave me tips on how to take care of my teeth and gums. Comfortable office.- 5 stars”.

Let’s be honest, going to the dentist is necessary to keep up your appearance, and most folks when asked will tell you that they are very anxious. In fact, some even have dreams about losing their teeth! Some people have had problems with dental services in the past. When asked to open your mouth and say “Ahh”, some patients get very nervous. Here is what our patient Ima says “Laura always is kind and patient. I am always anxious when I go to the dentist but she gets me through every time. She works hard to make things as easy as possible for me.-5 stars.

Knowing all of this, when you come to Weymouth Family Dental Care, relax and just sayed, “Ahhhhh”.

No Cookie Cutter Dental Treatment Here!

The Alpha Dental Attleboro location is in the heart of downtown Attleboro; Dr. Brijesh Patel is among the leaders on a team of dental professionals dedicated to helping patients of all ages. In every case, the goal of the dental team is to preserve teeth and enhance smiles.

When teeth can’t be preserved, there are ways to replace them with bridges, implants or dentures; with the range of difference in cases, there is no assembly-line, automatic treatment here. In each case, care is tailored to the objectives, budget and needs of the patient. Recognizing the variety of languages in the community, some of our staff members speak Portuguese and Spanish as well as English.

Our patient Pete reports, “I have always felt welcome walking through the door. The office staff is friendly and professional. My hygienist (Amira) is the best. Doctor Patel will take care of all your needs. – 5 stars”. Cassandra was pleased with her treatment too, saying “The people at Alpha Dental were very friendly and made my first cleaning there a very pleasant experience. I would recommend their services to everyone! – 5 stars”.

Our office manager Marlene loves what we do in this office; everyone at Alpha Dental in Attleboro works hard to treat our patients with care and attention to detail and it is great to have that recognized.