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Not all superheroes wear a cape….

Sometimes they wear white coats. And when your dentist tells you that you should be brushing your teeth twice a day – they mean it! Even Wonder Woman has to brush those pearly whites two minutes, twice a day!

Alpha Dental Taunton has merged two offices into a brand-new state of the art dental facility on Broadway in Taunton. Our patients can get great dental care in a variety of ways, from cleaning to cosmetic dentistry, our friendly staff is here to make you feel better while maintaining your healthy smile.

Melissa gave us a heartfelt review, ”Always friendly knowledgeable dentist and staff. They care about your comfort and go above and beyond to satisfy a nervous patient like me. – 5 Stars” We thanked Melissa and reminded her that we are proud of the care we provide. As Eevo reported, “Best dentist. Friendly. Funny. Caring. Does a great job! The best! – 5 stars!”. Bruce adds, “My experience for cosmetic bonding and a crown along with regular cleanings has been an A+ experience. – 5 stars”. And Jeff wrote, “Really appreciate how comfortable Dr. Qadri makes me feel at my appointments. Would highly recommend Dr. Qadri and her all the staff here at Alpha Dental in Taunton. – 5 stars”.

Our company motto is: “The world looks better behind a great smile!”. When you make an appointment with any of our dentists, they are always open to helping you improve your smile; a smile is considered a friendly greeting in any culture. And most people want to have a great one!

Anyone of our dental facilities offers Whitening Options to brighten that smile, Invisalign® which are clear braces to straighten your teeth. So, you don’t have to worry about what you will look like with braces beyond the age of 13. If you really need to improve your smile, we also offer complete cosmetic restorations, such as implants or dentures if you so choose.

That brings us to emergency services, it could be anything from a child losing a tooth by a wayward ball, or something more severe. In any event, Alpha Dental is here for you. Because to reiterate, the world looks better behind a great smile! And we’re here to help.

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