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What do you call a bear with no teeth? A Gummy Bear.

That is why a smile is an international greeting, so everyone wants to have a beautiful, white one! Since a nice smile starts with healthy teeth, it’s smart to come to Alpha Dental Fall River, which is known for its great dentists and friendly staff. Stanislava rated us 5 stars, saying “Trying to find a Good Dentist who Really Care and Listen?? I would Highly Recommended Alpha Dentist it would be a 2Nd time that I visit with doctor Dr. Omar Al-Kazaz who ,,saved my tooth” and PERFECTLY match color of my chipped tooth Visit Alpha Dentist was My Best Decision !!!

At Alpha Dental, we see patients of all ages. In addition to the routine procedures like cleanings, fillings we aso offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments like bridges, crowns, implants when necessary. We provide caring treatment from the simplest cleaning and check-up x-rays to fillings and the occasional broken tooth.

We know we provide excellent service, but it’s good to hear our patients tell us why they come to us. Here is What Ms. B said, while giving us five stars, “I chose them because of the reviews, my boyfriend goes there and it was close to my home….. I was so nervous and so scared. I told the dentist my story too….. The experience went so well I got choked up. I almost cried. I could feel the tears coming on. To go so long with such a fear and so many bad memories then to have a comforting caring experience it was a life changer…….. Then today I went in and got a cleaning done by Jenna Carneiro. I don’t remember when was the last time I had a cleaning!!!…. After my cleaning I looked at my teeth and was like amazed! I felt like I had brand new teeth! My teeth looked 15 yrs younger and i felt so much more pretty. It was a great experience. I suggest people who fear the dentist come to Alpha dental. It seems like they’re trained for people like us! ? So far I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Thank you so much Alpha dental and sorry for writing so much! ?

In addition to providing excellent traditional dental care, we also offer a full line of cosmetic dentistry in the Fall River area. We are in the process of re-building a state-of-the-art dental facility and we are open during construction.

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