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Truth is in the flossing….

This pandemic has brought not only very trying times for everyone, but drastic changes in how we keep our patients and staff healthy and safe.

Break the Soda Habit!

At Hull Family Dental we’re focused on providing good results for our patients. Since our company motto is “The world looks better behind a great

Great Teeth are Always in Style!

Keeping your teeth healthy is as important as keeping your body healthy. Riverside Family Dental is here to provide caring expertise in maintaining healthy teeth

Just Say “Cheese”!

We know that part of good health is healthy teeth. Helping our patients learn how to care for their teeth, and working to solve oral

Open and Say Ahh!

Then say Ahhhh with a smile. Weymouth Family Dental Care provides essential dental care for such things as cavities or a loose tooth…and does the

Horse Sense and Dentistry

Did you know that by checking a horse’s teeth, an expert can tell about how old the animal is? Don’t let your teeth tell tales

Home Sweet Home

East Central Street is home to Alpha Dental in Franklin. We cater to patients from toddlers to teens, and adults to their senior citizen parents.

Your Neighborhood Dentist

Giving the words ‘walk-in’ a new meaning You may not know that two of our affiliate offices, Benefit Dental Care 1 and Benefit Dental Care

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